Election workers make democracy possible.

Interested in becoming an Election Worker?

  • Election Workers work at the polls on Election Day and during Early Voting to ensure that voters can exercise their right to vote in an honest and well-organized manner. Osceola County needs approximately 500 Election Workers for each general election.
  • If you are interested in becoming an Election worker, click on the purple button above to fill out the online application.
  • Invitations will be sent via email 4 to 6 weeks before the scheduled orientation dates. Please be sure to include your email on the application.
  • The next Election Worker Orientation will be held in April/May 2024.
  • We have answers to our most frequently asked questions about working on Election Day.


Adopt-a-Precinct Program - Fundraising Opportunity

  • Adopt-a-precinct is a great fundraising opportunity and a way to earn money for your school or community organization. View our brochure.
  • Complete the Adopt-A-Precinct interest form to let us know you are interested. 
  • You can give us a call with any questions you have.


Current Election Workers

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Please reach out to our Election Worker coordinator with any questions, comments or concerns: 


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